What do I wear?

The best outfit to wear is one that is comfortable and puts what you are about on display!

For families, I suggest finding on piece of clothing to center your wardrobe around. For example, moms colorful scarf, dads patterned shirt, daughters cute skirt and build off the colors of that item! 

For seniors, it's a bit easier. Choose something casual and an outfit that is a little more dressy and formal. 

If you need some help or suggestions, just email me! I would be happy to talk over outfits with you!

You can check out my Pintrest board for what to wear!

What should I bring/w what should the theme be?

You don't have to bring anything, but I highly suggest bringing props. I would also think of a fun theme/set up for your session.

For senior sessions, some ideas are musical instruments, cap and gown, old cameras, sport equipment, old victorian chair, skateboard, bike, etc. 

For engagement sessions, some ideas are blankets, pillows, picnic baskets, rollerblades, bikes, old cars, going to an ice cream parlor, where you had your first date, etc. 

For family sessions, I some ideas are blankets and pillows, bubbles, chalk, guitar, kites, blocks, balloons, strained of lights, wagon, a sign with your last name, etc 

When we talk, we can plan your session in more detail, these are just ideas to get the imagination going!

What can I expect?

You can expect to have a lot of fun! I am very down-to-earth and want to make the session as fun as possible!

I want you to think about what you would do if you had an entire day free to do anything possible? Where would you go?  Which of your or your children’s favorite things would you pack to bring along? Would you bike together there, walk or drive. Would you be laughing non stop? I want each session to be very unique. The more it says about you/your family, the better!

The length of the photo session really depends on the package that you choose. 

There is a 1-2 week turn around for portrait sessions. You have the ability to make and share your own prints! 

Where will we take photos?

Anywhere! I have a few places that I really enjoy taking pictures, but that doesn't mean we have to take them there. I actually like when clients suggest places because it makes the photos a lot more meaningful and creates more variety in my work!

There are normally three categories. Outdoor natural locations such as fields, backyards, and parks. Those kinds of locations really focus on the subject, you!

Outdoor urban locations have a lot of shapes, lines and textures! It looks a lot more modern and interesting!

Also, we can do sessions (usually family) in your home if your home has good lighting. These photos are loving and warm!